Is this course for you?

Have you ever been so inspired to create that you cannot wait to begin painting, but you find that when you approach the canvas, the results don’t match what you had in your imagination? Or maybe you experience a creative roadblock and nothing comes to you. You stare at that blank canvas and don’t know where to begin. You’re stuck. Or you end up hating your attempt at painting and another canvas ends up hidden away in a closet. Maybe you compare your paintings to the paintings of other artists, and you tell yourself you’ll never possess the talent they possess. "Loosen Up and Find Joy in Your Art" is for anyone who wants to learn how to let go of control and find joy in their art again, using my tried and true techniques. The course will help you to overcome habits that may be holding you back, causing you frustration, and keeping you from reaching your full potential as an artist. In my art course, you will create an abstract floral painting like I paint, from start to finish. And best of all, once you buy the course, it is yours to keep as long as you want. Refer back to it over an over, watch all of the video content, and download all of the helpful PDFs. This course is for all levels, although a background in art is preferable.

Here's what one of my students is saying:

"I took your workshop yesterday and LOVED it! I never thought I would be an abstract painter. I'm very representational but have been getting bored and frustrated and blocked with my work lately. I had so much fun studying with you and you have inspired me to do more. I hope you create more workshops! You are a gifted instructor! ~ K.P.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    One: Lush Greenery

    • Bonus: Prepping Your Canvas With Gesso (View if you need to learn to prep your canvas.)

    • Bonus Video: Demo for Prepping Your Canvas

    • First Up: Lush Greenery

    • Demo for Creating Lush Greenery

    • Reference for Lush Greenery

  • 3

    Two: Adding Those Billowy Blooms

    • Adding Those Billowy Blooms

    • Demo for Adding Billowy Blooms

    • Reference for Billowy Blossoms

  • 4

    Three: Additive vs Subtractive Shapes

    • Additive vs Subtractive Shapes

    • Your Cell Phone as a Tool

    • Keeping Composition in Mind

    • Demo for Additive and Subtractive Shapes

    • Reference for Additive vs Subtractive Shapes

  • 5

    Four: Add Your Sparkle!

    • Adding Your Sparkle

    • Demo for Adding Your Sparkle

    • Joyful Colors Painting by Kathleen Rietz

  • 6

    Five: Final Steps for Preserving Your Paintings

    • Reference for Painted Edges

    • Examples of UV Protectant Varnishes