Which course should I take?

  • Loosen Up and Find Joy in Your Art:

    "Loosen Up and Find Joy in Your Art" was created to help artists of all levels discover new ways to approach their art practice, overcome roadblocks that may be holding them back, and experience joy every time they approach the canvas. The course teaches a step-by-step approach to creating an abstract floral painting. You will have at least one complete painting by the time you finish the course. This is a course using acrylic paint. This course I appropriate for all levels. It's a great course to begin your art practice, but also a wonderful course for more experienced artists who are looking for a fun and fresh approach in their art practices.

  • Romantic Roses:

    "Romantic Roses" was designed specifically to teach students how to create dreamy rose paintings in acrylic paint. The course teaches not only how to paint roses, but also how create atmospheric, impressionistic backgrounds reminiscent of dappled, sunlit gardens. "Romantic Roses" is better suited for a Level 2 artist, someone who is familiar with artist tools such as brushes, palette knives and pastels.

  • All About Abstracts:

    "All About Abstracts" was made for anyone passionate about mastering abstract painting. The course will teach about color theory, composition and proper tools and techniques. "All About Abstracts" is appropriate for all levels. It's a great place to start your art practice, but also a wonderful course for more experienced artists who are looking for a fun and fresh approach in their art practices. Even though the course addresses abstract painting, the principles apply to any style of painting. With sections on Color, Composition and Tools & Techniques, this is really 3 courses in one, and so it is priced higher than the others. It is chocked full of valuable information and lessons.

  • Painting Elegant Peonies:

    "Painting Elegant Peonies" is a fun course in which you will learn my techniques for painting peonies with a silicone wedge instead of a brush. You will learn techniques such as underpainting and glazing, which is a different approach than many artists are used to. You will be able to create a peony painting in a weekend, but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime. This is a course for Level 2 students, meaning you should have some artistic ability and knowledge before you begin.

About the Instructor

Kathleen Rietz

I attended the American Academy of Art after high school, earning a degree and going on to enjoy a successful freelance commercial art career designing for gift and home fashion industries for 3 decades. have a background in teaching through an adjunct art program at Wheaton College in IL and through a homeschool association in my hometown. Teaching aspiring artists my techniques and watching them SOAR lights me up!  I began painting on canvas in 2013 and finally got serious about it in 2018. I resigned from a full-time job as a Product Development Manager in 2019 to pursue my art full-time. In September of 2020 I answered the requests of so many of my followers on social media and released my first art course, "Loosen Up and Find Joy in Your Art", which has been a phenomenal hit. From there I've gone on to create "Romantic Roses", "All About Abstracts", and "Painting Elegant Peonies". My art is my first love, collected around the world including the US, New Zealand, Australia, The Middle East, Malta and Europe.