Course curriculum

    1. Why Sketching Before Painting?

    2. Sketching Supplies List (Suggested)

    3. The Grid Method

    4. Seeing the Negative Shapes & Spatial Relationships

    5. Seeing the Shapes Within a Rose

    6. Pink Rose Photo References (for your use)

    7. Rose Sketching: demo video 1

    8. Rose Sketching: demo video 2

    1. Why a Wedge?

    2. Learning to Use a Silicone Wedge for Oils and Acrylics

    1. Pink Rose Painting Demo Paint Colors (Suggested)

    2. Before You Begin

    3. Pink Rose Painting Demo: Video Part 1

    4. Pink Rose Painting Demo: Video Part 2

    1. Are There Challenges Lurking in the Shadows?

    1. Backgrounds by Design

About this course

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  • 32 lessons
  • 12 videos
  • free Facebook group
  • never expires

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I'll teach you the fundamentals you need to learn in order to paint your most beautiful roses ever!

Overcome the mistakes that have held you back by learning to change your approach according to my methods.

This course is full of wonderful content to help you change your approach and start painting your most beautiful and seemingly effortless roses ever. We'll focus on learning to see the shapes, because that is what it's really all about. If you can SEE IT, you can draw it, then you can paint it. You'll learn how to work from your photo references and create preliminary sketches to help you plan your paintings, resulting in better paintings. There's also a great section on making your paintings come alive by thoughtfully choosing colors that play beautifully together. You'll learn what colors and supplies I like, but you can choose to use your own colors, and this course can be done in both oil paints and acrylic paints!

I Created this Course with Artists in Mind

  • This course is pre-recorded so that you may watch the entire course, and play it back again and again, as many times as you wish. This course never expires.

  • Many helpful PDFs for you to print and refer to as often as you like.

  • This course is in English.

  • Free Facebook group for all of my students, where you will be able to post your artwork, questions and get support from me and a helpful and supportive community of other students!

  • PDFs include Pro tips on choosing energetic colors to include in your backgrounds, a little about composition, tips to help you see shapes and form, and how to plan your paintings for better results.

  • Demos range from simple at the beginning of the course to more complex at the end.

  • This course will challenge you and help you to grown as an artist using the methods I have used in my own life. I know they work because I use them, I have taught them to students in live settings and have seen real results.

  • This course is best for a Level 3 intermediate student who has a background in painting and some drawing.

Get started on making beautiful art today.

A new creative journey awaits you.