Workshop curriculum

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    1. Painted Gardens video part 1

    2. Painted Gardens video part 2

    3. Painted Gardens video part 3

    4. Painted Gardens video part 4

    1. Acrylic Painting with a Wedge workshop

These workshops include:

  • 7 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Watch a little video montage from "Painted Gardens"

Fully edited for an enjoyable viewing experience!

All videos are from 2 live Zoom workshops hosted by Kathleen Rietz in 2021 and 2022. The workshops have been edited to cut out distractions such as dead air and ambient noise, making for a more concise and enjoyable learning experience. Workshops include live demos, info about paints and supplies and attendee Q&A and critiques.

Over the past few years, I have developed my own methods for painting using a silicone wedge. Now I will teach you how I do it.

In the "Acrylic Painting With a Wedge" workshop, I will teach you how to hold your wedge, types of strokes, lines and effects that can be achieved, and the paints and mediums I use in my paintings.

Learn to paint your very own "Painted Garden".

In my "Painted Gardens" workshop, you can complete a "Painted Gardens" abstract floral style painting from start to finish. This workshop was based on a sold-out collection of paintings I painted with a wedge in spring of 2021.

Two silicone wedge workshops, now bundled together for one low price!

This bundle is a great way to build your confidence using a Princeton brand Catalyst silicone wedge. It can be a valuable study if you want to take my courses, since I use the wedge in the courses "All About Abstracts", "Painting Elegant Peonies" and "Painting Roses is Easy!". It's a lot of fun, and a completely different way to paint!

What does this workshop bundle offer you?

  • Get to know your Catalyst silicone wedge and how to use it.

  • Make petals, leaves, stems, lines, graceful shapes.

  • Learn techniques in the "Acrylic Painting With a Wedge" workshop.

  • Complete a painting from start to finish in the "Painted Gardens" workshop.

  • A view of my mixing palette and my painting from overhead.

  • Buy once, but use the workshops again and again! They never expire.

  • Post in the FREE private Joyful Colors Facebook group for students.

Student Work from the workshops

What a diverse variety of work created by the students and posted in the private Joyful Colors Facebook group!

This bundle is a great purchase if you want to explore using the wedge to find your own style.

All courses come with a free private Facebook group for students to post their coursework and receive support and feedback.

When learning anything new, it can feel as though you are all alone, perhaps unsure if you are headed in the proper direction. Kathleen offers her time to students in her FREE Facebook group. This group is open to all students enrolled in a course.