Is this course for you?

Yes, if you want to learn secrets to creating dreamy rose paintings filled with light, color and romantic energy.

A lifelong artist and lover of floral gardens, I am probably best known for my ethereal rose paintings. Before COVID hit, I was regularly tutoring artists who wanted to learn my techniques. Now, I've created a self-paced course to bring my knowledge and expertise to you in a way that allows you to refer back to again and again, and enjoy forever. In my course you will find three full-length demos in which I created rose paintings from start to finish. You will learn what colors I prefer, which tools are best to achieve the results you are looking for, and how I create paintings full of atmosphere with roses that feel integrated into the backgrounds and foregrounds. Each of the three paintings is created in a slightly different style, so you will learn new things from each one. I've also included a bonus tutorial with both video and downloadable PDF that will show you step-by-step how to create a single white rose. This is an acrylic paint course. It is recommended for Level 2 and up. Beginners will benefit from my course "Loosen Up and Find Joy in Your Art" before taking this course.

The dreamiest roses...

created by YOU.

I'll teach you my techniques using paint brushes, palette knives and water soluble wax pastels...there is even a video about adding metallic gold paint for extra shimmer.

Course curriculum

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What this course offers you:

  • Instant access to all material

  • Course never expires

  • 27 lessons

  • Nearly 4 hours of video content

  • Techniques: Roses, acrylic paint, mixed media, mark making, palette knife, color mixing, textures

  • Private Facebook group with teacher interaction

  • Downloadable PDFs

  • Language: English

  • List of supplies used by instructor

  • 4 Free "Romantic Roses" Painting wallpapers for your smartphone

The "Romantic Roses" course is yours to keep forever.

Once you purchase this course, it is YOURS to keep forever and refer back to again and again.

Are you ready to beautify your world with dreamy roses?

Once you purchase this course, the content is yours and never expires. Watch the videos, download the course PDF content, and join the Joyful Colors Facebook group.

Find your style.

Learn to find your own style and create beautiful rose paintings in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. In this course, I will guide you through 3 different techniques for painting roses inside beautiful, multi-layered environments. By the end of the course, you will be equipped to create beautiful artwork worthy of framing and hanging in your home.

Need more inspiration?

I recommend my course "Loosen Up and Find Joy in Your Art" if you are just beginning your art journey or art looking for a course appropriate for all levels that will spark fun and a new approach to your art practice.

"I hope to see YOU in the "Romantic Roses" online art course!" ~ Kathleen Rietz, Artist & Instructor